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When you are feeling fine then suddenly you feel the urge to poop NOW! The poop pops out of nowhere, often leaving your friends, family, or coworkers wondering why you are running to the bathroom as quick as you can. Most cases of pop-tart poop ends with barely making it to the toilet with shitting while you are pulling your pants down. Some of the worst cases end with embarrassingly hiding your underwear from your wife in the washer, and a few people wondering why the odd brown stain on the ground in the hallway.
Dan was in a meeting going over 4th quarter financials with his boss and several coworkers. Suddenly his eyes got really big and he ran out of the meeting as quick as he could. When he came back, his boss asked what was wrong.

Dan said, "A case of the pop-tart poops, I was afraid I would shit my pants."

His boss answered, "I hate it when that happens."
by Nutzen YerMouf January 12, 2018
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