Pertaining to the nylon hoisery worn by women, under slacks, when they are fairly certain they will be not be having sex and therefore the offending items will not be seen.
"Mother Theresa, here's your 20 denier flesh coloured pop socks, love."
by Kieranishere November 4, 2005
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Adjective. Used to describe something of exceptionally good or high quality.

Variations: "pop socks"

Synonym(s): orgasmic

Origin: "knocked my socks off" (set phrase)
"The movie was f*ing sock-popping!"
"Think that was good? This one will pop socks!"
by eatyoda June 22, 2005
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The ultimate catch phrase. You lose your virginity just saying it
Person 1: You're so lame
Person 2: Pop pop sock meme review and I like to poo
Person 1: Nvm your the ultimate chad
by FJlkasdfj February 26, 2019
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when you jerk off so hard in your cum sock you bend your dick causing lots of pain
last night i was watching a pokimane stream and then i took out my cum sock and hit a sock pop.
by CraccHead69 November 6, 2021
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