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Pop songs that are sonically engineered to be formulaic enough for the radio, follow the trends of pop music, are catchy and easy to follow, but also shocking and unique in some way that sets them apart from everything else on the radio, making the listener want to listen to these songs more in order to understand them. This term originated from the YouTuber "Internet Jules" as a way to describe artists such as Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, etc.

NOTE: This isn't a negative term, but is merely a term describing smart pop music writing in the industry.
Person 1: I love that Ariana Grande's new song 'No Tears Left To Cry' so much!!
Person 2: Yeah, she's really good at creating pop crack.
by langleyhs2018 July 30, 2018
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A specific term to specify the butt crack excluding the anus from the specified area. This is also in the song by youtube star, kruvi123. The song is called, "Pop, Crack my Head", although he made a typo in the title instead of popcrack my head.
The man squirmed and groaned, claiming, "Damn bitch! My underwear's slippin' up my popcrack!"
by The Popcrack Privacies July 11, 2011
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