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Getting upset, cranky, whiny, bitchy, pouty, sulky, pissy, throwing tantrums or crying like a bitch over stupid things, or when things dont go their way. referring to adults acting like spoiled children that need a changin'. once the insignificant annoyance has given poopy diapey to someone, it will affect thier day and relationships with others, making tham an all around pain in the ass to be around.
GUY #1 is getting killed over and over in an online video game. He is getting uber pissed and whiny about how the internet connection is crap, the controller isnt working, the game must be broken, the tv colour is messed up, the other players have some secret cheat code...the list goes on. GUY#2 offers some advice and GUY#1 prompty snaps at him and throws the contoller and pouts.
GUY#2 remarks, "you dont have to get all poopy diapey man"
by MISSMAYHEM13 August 24, 2009
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