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1. the tip on a pile of poop
2. opposite of the icing on a cake, poop-nipple describes exacerbation on top of an already shitty situation. It is similar to the salt in "rubbing salt on the wound" and the kick in "kick them while they are down".

3. an unsympathetic person.
1. The google poop emoticon, ~@~, has a poop-nipple on top.
2. the break-up is the poop-nipple of an already terrible week.
3. that jerk is being a poop-nipple.
by The Shindig December 06, 2011
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A nipple that has been dipped in a pile of poop.
I just got a fucking poop nipple!!

My nipple is covered in shit!
by xbraidx October 13, 2007
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An expression used when one is upset, angry, or just to show emotion

Also used as a form of random word yelling.

"Oh Poop Nipple! I can't believe we lost that game"

"Poop Nipple! Fart Crap! Balls!"
by McNamara Reed Roundhouse October 10, 2007
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