A brown substance that comes out of your bowls after you have eaten.
That burrito made me take a humongous poop.
by Ramen Noodle January 23, 2015
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When your stomach grumbles loudly and your stomach starts contracting, if it’s at school or at home, you know you have to poop
Oh man, I really gotta poop
by Revenge of the katoot 🧴 December 25, 2018
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food your body does not need comes out the other end in the form of "poop".
"Sarah forgot to flush her poop down the toilet," said Garry.
by VTstarwarsguy April 25, 2016
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A corn log.
Golden brown floater.
Taking the kids to the pool.
losing weight.
A Cpt. Brown Eye Wink.
long range torpedo.

Why's poop tapered at the end? So your ass hole doesn't slam shut.
by Cosmo April 10, 2003
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poop is the random big lump of brown(maybe even baby green depending on what u ate) that can explode out of your ass making a nasty sound. its like a kick to your ass but the other way around!
Boy: mommy, my butt feels like it's just exploded!
Mom: Don't worry, that's just called poop. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors!
Boy: Cool! I want another one!
by blehblehbleh55 November 25, 2009
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The Original: One that slips out easily, and you wipe only 1 time.
The Infinite: one that takes 100 days to poop out.
The Pooballs: a kind of poop that those not go in the water, it goes on your balls!
The DIFFERENT Pooballs: Poop shaped like balls.
The Corn: Poop with corn in/on it!
The Suprise: You try to fart, but start pooping your pants in public!
The Drink: Pee coming out of your anus.
The DIFFERENT Drink: kind of poop Jim had after a night of drinking.
The I CANT POOP! Poop: The kind of poop that won't come out.
The Fart: You know what The Fart is.
The Anus Steak Burger: Kind of poop after eating a burger.
The Ice Cream Poop: Kind of poop after eating ice cream.
The Shart Poop: Farting, but a little of poop comes out.
Jim: I had a night of drinking now i have to poop!
by u2dvdbono August 09, 2010
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Though it generally means shit or feces, when you poop something it can also mean you launch it or throw it very far.
Example A: Look at those football players, pooping their football around
Example B: The cat was being annoying so I pooped him across the yard
by xXWhiteKnightXx July 18, 2010
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