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Persipation of the most seldom occurance, in which one's ass sweats, not from heat or activity, but rather from the anticipation of a catastrophic dooley (poop) that is forthcoming. In addition, said sweat emits an odor characteristic of that same foul dooley. (Note: NOT synonomous with butt sweat, swamp ass, etc.)
"Jesus Christ, Pat, what's that smell?"
"Man, I gotta deuce. That's my poop sweat you're smelling."
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When you have the sudden urge to move your bowels and you start sweating. A real poop emergency. Usually associated with explosive diarrhea.
I had to shit so bad yesterday. I couldn't find a bathroom, I had the poop sweats and everything!!
by J-Millions June 14, 2008
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A stagnant odor best described as being half poop and half sweat. Most commonly found in the carpet and furniture left by previous renters in apartments. Scientifically proven to be 6 billion times stronger than Febreze so don't even try.
Dude, that couch smells like freaking poopsweat so don't put your face near it.
by lemonscented May 18, 2008
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when you eat lots of spicey foods, you will end up going to the bathroom and when you try to go poo, it'll be hard so you'll start to sweat from all the pushing.
"All of those hot rods gave me the poop sweats"
"aww! my butt hurts so much from the poop sweats"
by MCJ June 25, 2006
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Plural noun:
1. Perspiration brought on by or in anticipation of a strenuous bowel movement or diarrhea session

2. Sweat pants put on in preparation for a large, cramp-laden and/or overdue doody

3. A lubricant that coats a turd to ease its exit, usually created when one ingests an osmotic laxative (causing the bowel to release water around a stubborn stool) or as a result of consuming questionable tacos

4. Figurative perspiration of a poop caused by his frustration of his delayed or difficult departure
1. We need to pull over, Carol - I’m getting the poop sweats and it’s not gonna be pretty

2. I just had Taco Bell so I’m puttin my poop sweats on now

3. Sam must have the poop sweats, cause I just heard a splash

4. Dad said he’s so constipated even his turds are anxious with poop sweats
by theoxfordcomma October 15, 2018
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