A poop stain left in underwear after a shart.
Brandon sharted in his Calvin Kleins and now he has a poop stain.
by Mrs.BVP November 15, 2016
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The action of rushing palace in A site mirage in an aggressive manner usually with p90s
"Hey lets rush poopstain"
by lamppiss August 16, 2019
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a Large supliment that comes out of your anal slot and you cant get to a toilet fast enough so you have to do it in your undergarments and leaves a HUGE stain that wont remove for YEARS.
Ooops..... I made a poopstain GULP. :D
by PBO kukumber December 02, 2011
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Poopstain can be used as an insult or a thing. The definition of Poopstain as an insult is a stanky girl or boy that cant keep his or her hygiene in check, but not the mild smell like the horrible strong sent you cant even smell Axe over the sent its really bad. She/He has all the mouth in the world and then is quiet when some one steps to them. The definition of Poopstains is the action is having a shit stain in your boxers or panties this is embarrassing and unnecessary
Girl #1: ugh their the poopstain herself

Girl #2: what the fuck does that mean

Girl #1: she smells really bad and her breath be giving be heat strokes cause its too hot

Girl #2: oh then yeah she is a poopstain
by Thicq. Biiiiitch April 22, 2020
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