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The uncomfortable, numb feeling you get in your legs when you wait too long to push one out. Can cause unsteady walking whilst going to the throne.
Dude, I was walking to the bathroom last night, and got some crazy poop legs! I almost fell over!
by colin prahl September 02, 2006
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A condition that can develop when someone is either born without an anus, or has their anus removed, necessitating the retouting of their bowels to their legs, which slowly fill with the accumulating poop. When one leg is full, the second begins the process of accumulation. This results in massive, lumpy, fold-ridden legs.
Since Wanda lost her anus, she has had to re-learn how to walk with her massive poop legs.
by Fast Reggie June 14, 2013
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A skater who rides mongo on a skateboard
Roger Rock rides his skateborad mongo so he is a poopleg
by Scott Richards July 25, 2003
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