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When you think you're done pooping, you start wiping, only to realize that you need to poop again. Then are you done? Yeah, wipe again. Oops, more poop? Then wipe some more. Coined by Larry the Cable Guy.
Larry was at the county fair making poop lasagna in the bathroom. "Poop, paper, poop, paper, poop, paper..."
by Brock Anonymous July 02, 2008
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When you take a huge shit in the toilet, wipe your ass, pee, take another shit in the shit hole, wipe again, have diareha. poop and pee together, wipe once again, shard, and flush. If it does not go down, it is officially a POOP LASAGNA!!!!
DUDE I just made a giant 10-layer poop lasagna!! It won't go down! Maybe a pencil will make it go down!!
by Robbie Swain March 12, 2010
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Can also be a group activity, especially at a workplace where an initial coworker starts off a standard dump but does not flush. The initial worker then inspires coworkers to continue to add layers to the 'lasagna'without flushing as to surprise the custodial staff or the workplace prude. It is virtually unpunishable given bathroom and privacy laws.

The poop represents the meat and cheese layers, while the toilet paper acts as the noodle. When done as a group effort, the heterogeneity of layers offered by various diets makes the poop lasagna a true workplace team building activity.
The guys on third shift really bonded last night by making a poop lasagna that went past the lid.
by Curly Poopinturdz August 04, 2018
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