Someone who sells poop or poopy.
This person could also sell baggies or containers of diarrhea , fart , or sometimes even vomit. Prices may vary depending on who your buying your poop from.
Guy 1: Damn, i really could go for some poop rn :/
Guy 2: Same :,(
Guy 3: Dont worrys guys, ill just hit up my poop dealer, hes got poop like 5 bucks a g.
by Certified Ugly March 02, 2019
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That one guy that is amazing in every way
Guy 1: I’m starving... got anything to eat?
Guy 2: yeah bruh lemme calm up my Poop Dealer real quick, brown green or red?
Guy 1: I’ll get some green and some red, adds to the flavour ya know
Poop dealer: I’m on my way bro.
Both guys 1 & 2 in unison: thanks daddy!
by Garea August 01, 2019
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A Poop Dealer is a male who sells Poopy in many diffrent colors .
The Dealer typically where a AcDc shirt and skinny jeans with a soul patch and a reciting hair line
Person 1 Imma hit up my poop dealer
Person 2 Damn does he have purple
Person 1 hell yeah he does
by TheEpicPoopDealer June 13, 2019
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When the squad got the shy guy, the annoying one, the jock, and of corse the poop dealer; the fecal distributer; when you trapping so hard you mass produce your own fecal matter
Yo imma poop dealer you need some fecal matter
by Obunga Dunga September 20, 2019
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