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Coffee beans that pass through the digestive tract of an animal and are excreted prior to brewing. The most well-known example are beans that are eaten and excreted by civet cats. This is also known as civet coffee or goes by its Indonesian name, kopi luwak. Recently, other types of poop coffee have gained attention, notably coming from the dung of elephants, raccoons, and even (gasp!) humans.

It is claimed that the process of coffee beans passing through an animal's intestines imparts enzymes which create unique and intense flavors. This, and relatively small yields have caused the price of many kinds of poop coffee to soar. It is frequently sold for as much $30-$80 US for a single cup. The hype surrounding poop coffee has led some in the food industry to contend that it tastes no better than regular coffee, and still others to contend that it tastes downright awful.
I went to this insanely trendy restaurant in Portland where they had poop coffee on the menu. For fifty bucks a cup! Now I'm fifty bucks poorer and I can't get the taste of civet crap out of my mouth!
by @Maxamillion April 29, 2013
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