A poop that comes out hard but appears to explode in you'r toilot, the pain of a turd and the mess of diariah.
Dude I had a Poop Bomb so you need to clean the toilot.
by Dancingcuban August 5, 2006
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When some Person shits in a bag and chucks it off éther a plane or a bridge on peaples heads.
by thecanadianninja September 7, 2018
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A Poop Bomb is a giant weapon of ass destruction. Most commonly expelled from the anus in a short 3 second burst, with only minor warnings of flatulence and crippling gas cramps.
Angela gagged as she dropped a poop bomb in the toilet, creating an explosion of liquid shit and splattering watery chunks across everything in sight.
by The Flirtatious Flamingo February 25, 2018
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Poop bombing is

hanging your ass out of the side of a blimp and taking a nuclear sized shit on a village of children in habubu africa
Im going to Poop Bomb you if you dont shutup
by LoadedPapmperShit December 5, 2021
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When you take a poo poo and it explodes in your stomach and your guts become charcol.
by Huiyo November 21, 2009
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you made a poop bomb but it was really shit
that is a shitty poop bomb daddy
by bruhhhh3b February 4, 2022
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a nasty ass bowel movement that covers everything in feces and poop dust, much like an ass explosion of diarrhea or a bad case of swamp ass. seriously entertaining !!!
The bathroom at work smelled like boiled dinner, I knew immediately who had dropped the poop dust bomb in there !!!
by nightwolf777 July 17, 2007
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