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An unknown individual who shits mysteriously in odd places and never takes credit for it. The shit may be found anywhere except in a toilet. The poop bandit may strike at any time in any place. He does not discriminate against race, ethnicity, or gender. He only discriminates against toilets.
Hey Randy, whats that smell? Oh shit! Looks like the poop bandit has struck again!
by John Warner August 19, 2006
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A broad term to describe any person or persons that abuse the function of #2. Most commonly they

A. leave a giant log in the toilet unflushed and festering

"That poop-bandit didn’t even flush!"

B. a person who clogs the toilet and proceeds to leave it unattended and in a potentially overflowing state.

"Hey bro you got a plunger? Some poop-bandit clogged and dipped out"

C. the most offensive and most uncommon, a low-life who leaves poop on the floor, the urinal or any other inappropriate place

"Billy was so drunk I think he laid a log in the parking lot...I saw him pulling up his pants, I always knew deep down he was a poop-bandit.

D. there is a rare case when the poop-bandit is the hero, when the deed is done in defiance or disrespect of an enemy.

Dude 1: "you here what Laura did to Beth?"
Dude 2: "No, what?"
Dude 1: "Laura went gangster on Beth, when she found out that Beth stabbed her in the back. She dropped a duce on her new lawn chair. She snuck in the backyard, pinched it off and booked it, poop-bandit style!"

Dude 2: "that’s hardcore!"
poop-bandit is a new term, it was used in several ways above
by Moose-dog 33 February 03, 2014
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Suspicious money grabbing Jew who most likely has orange died hair. He is a Mexican as well. He shits in random places AND takes credit for it. He can't control his urges but he keeps going because he never gets caught. He often takes it in the ass as well
Henry page is the poop bandit
by Juulian Jones April 27, 2017
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