The act of leaving your shirt on during sex because you are too embarrassed about your fat gut.
Hey man, did you hear about RobbieBB went pooh bear with that chick last night?
by RobbieBB November 17, 2015
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Soft to the poke, pudgy. If this individual wore a yellow shirt they would closely resemble pooh-bear.

*May have difficulty touching their shoulders or toes. Known to do up-down exercises.
Boy: "She's like my little pooh bear, soft and warm... but I don't think she'd like that I said that..."
by winnieeeeeeeeeeeeeee June 14, 2010
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in the gay sub-culture of Bears and cubs- a bear who has a skat fetish.
Jason is such a Pooh Bear... Can you believe that he likes guys to shit on him?
by MurrayTiger September 19, 2010
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The act of including honey during sex, particularly the act of eating ass. Honey is squirted into the ass, and the other member eats the honey, similarly to Pooh Bear eating honey from a jar. It is best performed as similarly to Pooh Bear, who eats honey by shoving his entire nose and mouth into the jar.
My girl and I got frisky in the kitchen last night; one thing led to another, and before I knew it she was sitting on my face and honey was dripping onto my nose. I opened my mouth to say something and my tongue slipped in, man... I Pooh Bear'd her!
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by QueenAndPeasant September 28, 2017
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the action of doing someone up the butt, using honey as your lubricant.
I pooh beared the chick after she got really drunk,
by Gonzalez June 09, 2005
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whena girl doesnt wipe her butt and participates in anal sex. so the pooh makes the guy angry as a bear.
guy 1: Dude this chick freaked me out, she pooh beared me last night
by zach bassin May 27, 2010
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A guy that acts hard in front of everyone but is a panzy when he's alone with his girl or a female he is talking too. He goes from being a hard ass to kissing her ass. Its adorable, but annoying
"You are such a pooh bear when no one is around "
by Asap_dopebunni August 28, 2015
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