The art of making it look like you are actually helping those that your represent in a government organization while actually creating more problems and blaming them on other politiicans so you can get re-elected.
by jondapicam November 05, 2003
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A game with no end. It always pisses people off and reeks with corruption. It causes pointless strife, bloodshed, and debt, destroys lives, wastes time and money, and messes up the world. Politicans (however u spell the name) are people that carry out politics and infect the world and catch the normal person in their current.In countries with a democracy the strife is between Democrats (asses) and Republicans (fat and lzy creatures also asses) who argue day and night and get nowhere. Occasionaly get things right every million years. Does absolutely nothing to help the people but feed off them Poly=many ticks= parasites combined you get many paracites. If they want to help us then STOP ARGUING AND STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES. They also lock people up for telling the truth because THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH.
the world
George Bush and Bill Clinton
Political Parties
any Paracitic lifeform
all the above are the incarnation of Politics
by BWolfLP April 20, 2011
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A summary of American politics goes as follows IMHO:

A Republican thinks he is doing the will of God.

A Democrat thinks he IS God.
Republican: This is what Jesus would want! Bombings, oil pipelines, war, huge deficits...surely God agrees with the PNAC mission statement for America to dominate the world!

Democrat: If Jesus were alive today, he would be a Democrat, because He was incapable of sin, just like all Democrats are! We Democrats exist solely oppose the evil, satanist Nazithuglikkkanazis, just like Jesus!
by Duck Mama March 15, 2005
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the Democrats are the "bad cops" playing the "good cops" and the Republicans are the "bad cops" playing the "good cops" playing the "bad cops"
its all an act
politics is all an act
by kill hippies January 11, 2006
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Well you see, I'm voting for, well, uh, you see, I'm an Independent (Lie) and...well the system. Yeah, you gotta think about the system, consider voting these days and stuff. Say, what type of lube do you use for anal sex? I'd be much more comfortable talking about that than politics.
by Jacob Orr October 17, 2010
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A stupid game where
a. A totalitarian assbag kills millions in the name of "the Nation"
b. Two groups of wealthy assbags argue about cell phones and censorship while trillions of dollars of debt is considered unimportant

The only similarity between the two is that either way, the citizens lose.
USA; China; 20th century Germany, Russia, and Italy; Greece; France, all are nations, all involve politics, no regular citizens win.
by UnfuckTheWorld November 17, 2011
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The bizarre sexual act of masturbating over an anthill, clogging up the entry point, and killing thousands of innocents in the process.
"Let's talk politics."
"Get your brain out of your pants!"
by Sakhalin Cruschev April 12, 2006
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