Political Correctness - The ideal that forces people, through peer-pressure, to use certain words or act in a certain way as to not cause offence to anyone.

Taking the idea of equality to the extreme.

Often championed by the BBC, who not only use politically correct terms, but often use the "token black man/token female" in many programmes and features.

A tool frequently used by New Labour.

The eradicator of free-speech.

The root of everything that is wrong with society today.
A shot-arse is not "physically challenged", he/she is a short arse.
A dumbass is not "mentally challenged", he/she is a dumbass.
A binman is not a "refuse collector", he/she is a binman.
A postman is not a "letter carrier", he/she is a postman.
The loser in a boxing match did not "finish second place", he/she lost!

Political Correctness is a plague on modern society.
by Manx Bloke June 15, 2007
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A bunch left wing, communist bullshit, implemented by the left in a shitfucked attempt to control what others say. A typical advocate of "PC" is identified by the following characteristics.
1. The inability to think for themselves.

2. The inability to speak for themsleves.

3. The gross inabilty to let anyone else express a differing point of view without shouting "You can't say that!" You can't say that"! like some idiotic communist parrot.

4. The use of meaningless 20 syllable words in a vain attempt to sound "educated" when a 3 syllable word word would work perfectly.

5. Numerous bruises and scars, as a result of being told to Fuck Off and getting punched out by the targets of thier Speech Police tactics.
PC: coffee without milk
Normal: Black Coffee

Normal: Fag, canoe licker, rump Ranger, Ass pirate.

PC:Economically challeneged
Normal: Dirt fucking poor

PC: intellectually challenged
Normal: Stupid

These are but a few examples of the idiocy of political correctness
by RWAttitude July 15, 2008
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Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a
delusional, illogical, Marxist (Politically Correctly called liberal) minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
The Politically Correct term for Politically Correct is sensitive.

Facts are Politically Incorrect, that is why we need Postmodern "thinking", that is lying elevated into a form of art.

Political Correctness has successfully outsourced censorship to private enterprises.
by Raymond Watts May 02, 2011
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A stupid, wannabe-proper way of life that has just about ruined this country. It puts a stain on the good liberal name. PC people just do not understand the true ethical way of life. They just cower at home and tell younger people not to do things and try to completely brainwash them with a bunch of crappy bullshit about weed and other drugs, plus alcohol. PC people take part in so many protests and rallies that you just want to get a rifle and shoot their asses.
Political correctness includes:

1. Euphemistic language

2. Whining your ass off about a tiny issue like a sports' teams mascot.

3. Any group of people who whine about everything.
by John Gittings April 15, 2007
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A word used to describe the decay of commonsense.
PC dude: You are black, that makes you African-American.

Black dude: I moved here from England...

PC: What do I know? I love Political Correctness!
by AnonymousMon January 17, 2008
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