1. Sometimes it's an excuse for immature, morally depraved, suburbanite dumbshits to get away with obvious hatred and bigotry. They'll cry "PC" as a means of making YOU look stupid for calling them on their bullshit, when you were completely in the right for doing so.

Ironically enough, when you label them with justifiable terms as "racist", "homophobe" or "bigot", they'll cry, bitch and whine that they're not and cover over it by saying that they're not "racist" and that you're just being "oversensitive", which is actually a form of "political correctness"...the very thing that they hate (totally not hypocritical!).

These are the same people who are under the impression that their freedom of speech rights are being legally taken away by Poltical Correctness, when the reality of the situation is that these people were stupid enough to bow out to FUCKING PEER PRESSURE.

You get what you deserve, assholes. Don't whine about "political correctness" impeding on your freedom of speech, whine about your lack of testicles and how you bowed out to societal pressures like little bitches! THAT is what restricted your freedom of speech.

These people claim that those who whine about "political correctness" are crybabies, but these idiots are no better.

2. Other times it's just over-sensitivity to certain things.
Examples from Definition #1-

Dumbshit: Dude, did you see me curbstomp that nigger?
Intelligent Person: You're a racist piece of shit.
Dumbshit: Dude what's with the political correctness? I'm not racist, you're just "oversensitive".
Intelligent Person: No amount of crying "PC" and calling me "oversensitive" won't save you on this one, you're a racist piece of shit. Deal with it.
Dumbshit: *Cuts himself to crappy Emo music*


Depraved moron: Dude, did you see that gay dude prance around in his pink shirt? He's such a fucking faggot!
Intelligent person: You're a homophobe.
Depraved moron: That's offensive to me!? I'm not a "homophobe" you're just being politically correct!
Intelligent person: ...You worthless hypocrite. *Sprays the douchebag with a flamethrower*


Hyper-sensitive person: That person over there has a severe weight deficiency.
Normal Guy: Huh? All I see is some fat dude.
Hyper-sensitive person: Don't say that! It's offensive.
Normal Guy: *Rolls his eyes* You've got to be kidding me.


Normal person: HEY! Merry Christmas!
Hyper sensitive: I think the term you're looking for is "Happy Holidays".
Normal Person: Whatever...call it what you want, I'm getting presents anyway.
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Mealy-mouthed attempt at getting people to avoid superficial expressions of bigotry, which ends up debasing the language without dealing with the stupidity underlying most hates and fears. Merely ends up giving the bigots one more thing to snarl at and, yes, it really can impose a tyranny of its own. Many examples of allegedly common politically correct speech are urban myths ... which we could still have done without.
Some (real and imaginary) examples of political correctness:

You're not black (in the USA), you're African-American.
(As Whoopi Goldberg once commented, and I may be paraphrasing, "My ancestors didn't come through generations of the slave trade and the Civil Rights movement to end up hyphenated.")

You're not crippled, you're differently abled.

You're not a member of the Undead, you are biometrically challenged.

You're not an android, you are an artificial person.
by Fearman August 16, 2007
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What people with no locigal counter argument often accuse people of.
What has replaced Red Baiting since the Berlin Wall fell.

A Political Sucker Punch that some conservatives used to attack and Liberals without offering any proof of the countrary.
political correctness is the slackers way to attack or discredit someone's opinion. If you are accused of political Correctness, there is a good chance that the Accuser has no lagitimit counter arguement
by ???^_^???? September 24, 2007
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Groupthink. For those who don't want to think. They simply believe what they are told.
Political correctness is when the loudest mouth around the conference table gets to set the agenda, because everyone else doesn't think, or speak up to say what they think.
Neocons dominate the president because he doesn't think things through for himself. He talks of having "a bunch of smart people around me." PR and spin seem to dominate politicians, not any thoughtful process.
by Roberta Gilbert June 19, 2007
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is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."
The member of House of Representatives chose political correctness over common sense when they voted "yes" on the Presidentially backed: tree hugging, world saving, business loathing, personal pocket lining, Tax-payer money Draining Act...
by kazham February 03, 2010
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