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A politician who will sell out their constituents if it means they might get one step higher on the ladder. They will completely flip-flop on an issue that was the core of their campaign platform just because they think it might help them get elected to, for instance, Lake Forest City Council. They will even sell out the person who threw them proxies to get them into office. They become so "whoreish" that in the end, they are so slutty and nasty that nobody will touch them with a ten foot ballot.
Did you hear Terri voted "No" to approve the Committee members to the Overcrowded Housing Ad Hoc Committee? I voted for her because she promised she'd be tough on the Clown House crisis in our HOA. What a Political Whore!
by Feeling Lied To September 10, 2007
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The kind of arsehole you find in your Modern Studies class who is purposely there to piss you off. The kind that argues just so his views seem superior, the kind that makes up figures just so he looks cool... even tho we know he's a douche bag.

Symptoms include:
Middle Class Syndrome
General Retardedness
Wow, K just told a whole load of bullshit figures, went off tangent and completely killed anyone who was interested in the Politics of Kenya (no one). What a Political Whore...
by DannyTheMan October 30, 2007
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