The people who go bat shit crazy when someone says something slightly not politically correct. Usually overreact and are assholes about the slightest thing.
Person A: haha I love that midget dude he’s so funny
by Carlisle Juniper August 31, 2019
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An increasingly common ailment across the United States, particularly with the gainfully employed.

Symptoms include the overwhelming urge to curse and yell "Really????" when reading almost any headline, or email bulletin from Human Resources.

The stress from the modern work environment may often cause suffers to consume alcohol, and or play the guitar at Volume 11.

Causes are well understood. The human brain is not hardwired to speak as the everything should be filtered through a "lawyer buffer". Those on earth that still have some sort of "Sense of Humor" find the modern work environment challenging. (Not the WORK part.....the EGGSHELLS part
CPCFS (Chronic Political Correctness Fatigue Syndrome) is the reason for Happy Hour.
by Killroy74 August 30, 2010
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The absolute abuse of political correctness, the act of playing the victim, having a stick up your ass or being over-sensitive about negligible topics. Mostly used by Social Justice Warriors, Feminists, left winger's or any kind of minority. Political correctness defines the act of not discriminating or offending members of society. This standard is fine to uphold for any sane human being, however the problem arises when particular members/groups of society decide to take offence to inconsequential acts. An example is feminist women taking offence to men opening a door for them or pulling out a seat for them. Feminists are usually the main culprit of this act. 2018 will forever go down as the year of Political Over-Correctness.
by Dhorseman Studs October 16, 2018
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its a boot-loops term do not bother to correct it you will just make your head hurt.
I go out of my way to be in politically correct
by bootloops April 3, 2019
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Political correctness is basically the reason why half of all jokes are "oFfEnSiVe" or something. I couldn't care less if you called me a pig (I'm a cop after all) but some 14 year old white girl on Twitter will get offended for me. Actually, that won't happen because political correctness has single-handedly caused cops to he hated on Twitter. People who follow political correctness also tend to be racist towards white people for whatever reason.

Synonyms: Bullshit, Annoying, Stupid
"Hey, did you know that Jessica follows political correctness now?"

"Yeah, didn't she cancel someone for being white?"

by Sanae Katagiri March 31, 2022
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A way of censorship and judgment by following what the society establishs it's right or wrong, without giving the events, the ideas or the decisions that are being judged the depth it deserves. Political correctness is most of the time related with left ideologies, but it depends on the country and the subject. In America for example, people use to care more about black people than women, ergo, most of the time, political correctness with black people issues more than women issues. In the other hand, in Mexico people use to care more about women issues than indian community issues, so political correctness is applied to women issues and not to indian issues. Also, an overlooked aspect of political correctness is that, in some cases, it's applied in a way that people don't realise about it, given to the fact that political correctness is only associeted with left ideologies
“Mary got laid with more than 30 men and she's only 23, what a whore!” this is an example of political correctness by conservative people.

“In this new book by Marty R. Jefferson, three black men steal a liquor store and kill the owner, it's such an offense to black people by using such a racist stereotype.” this is an example of political correctness by liber people.

“Heard Liv is a feminist now, so sad, now she spents her days yelling nonsense at rallies, she's only looking for a good fuck.”

“Have you seen Joker already? My god what an awful movie, the main character, Arthur, is such an incel!”
by P.T.A. March 31, 2020
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A mark of shit which happens to be politically correct. In other words, means nothing.
-Why do you have a politically correct shitstain on your pants?
+Because it means nothing, and that's all that matters.
by adamolanadam June 21, 2022
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