A term that men can use to refer to women in general, especially dating, courting, flirting, and the rules thereof. Originated (likely) with Star Wars fans.
"Hey, how are things going with Sarah?"
"There are too many girls here, I don't want to talk about galactic politics."
by palmetto29 April 15, 2016
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A Behind the Scenes or not visually present Faction or influence representing hidden motives of Church & State with the ability of persuasion in the House of Representatives & state department.
The new Bill strangely posed an excepted majority of votes from what I call the Rhelm of Hypnotic Politics.
by Abbynhacked March 4, 2021
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A book written by Karl Marx and published in 1867 that deals with the development of capitalism and its problems. It is generally highly admired for its foresight of how capitalism would eventually develop over time.

Note that Capital: A Critique of Political Economy is purely criticizing the status quo, predicting its development and pinpointing its problems, while the Manifesto of the Communist Party (or simply Communist Manifesto) offers possible solutions to these problems.
'Hey, I just read Capital: A Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx. And I now believe that the only way to create a fair society is by overthrowing the bourgeoisie.'
by Achill_1337 August 3, 2019
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The politics of the 1990s. Some wrong generation kids like to say that today is the absolute worst time for politics without knowing that the political situation back in the 90s wasn't any better (in fact, it was actually a lot worse).
The Bill Clinton sexual misconduct allegations were one of the most infamous moments of 1990s politics.
by CelticEagle February 11, 2019
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Defending shortcomings of a political position or public figure by accusing the opposition of the same. The implication being that their opponent is a hypocrite and therefore can’t levy the criticism.
A: Donald Trump has a terrible track record with women: he paid a pornstar hush money, has been known to walk into the dressing room of underage women, is caught on tape talking about grabbing women by the pussy, and has more than 20 outstanding sexual assault allegations.
B: You can’t talk when the Democrats elected Bill Clinton.
A: Stop with the accusation politics, those are not even close to the same thing.
by CeeCoop February 12, 2021
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DMK AND ADMK Are the most corrupted parties in the world and illiterate people of Tamil Nadu vote for them!
Nowadays people becoming mature and came to a conclusion that both DMK And ADMK Are Corrupted Political Party
by Waathalaka December 10, 2020
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