A person who likes poking, super-poking other people on Facebook.
1. 'Didya know he pokes all of his classmates every effin day?'
'I know rite? Such a Poker Face!'

2. 'Jeez I hate poker faces.They are flooding my notifications'
by pussycat mannequin April 20, 2009
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verb, poker facing, The act of pretending to make love to someone other than who you curently are with.
Lady Gaga use to poker face about girls while making love to her boyfriend.
by askile February 19, 2010
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while receiving oral sex the male ,just before orgasm, will swiftly jerk his penis from the womens mouth and poke her in the right eye with it then when she screams shove his penis balls deep down her throat and ejaculate.
dave felt his balls tremble with excitment so he ripped his swollen pecker from sallys mouth and jabbed her right eye with it. sally screamed in pain only to be gaged by daves monster meat. laughing dave said " and thats why they called him 'one eyed poker face'."
by JonSyn November 14, 2009
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The red ring around your face from the face pad on your Oculus Quest after playing Pokerstars VR for hours.
Amanda took off her headset after 3 hours and realized she now has poker face.
by Dr. William Johnson November 30, 2021
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