When a man prematurely ejaculates in a woman and shows no emotion and continues to fuck her without informing her, later to find out she is pregnant.
When Chris came in Alyssa his facial expression did not change, letting Alyssa think that Chris was a monster at sex, but latter found out ego-is-prego. Chris has an excellent Poker Face.
by Purplestuff March 14, 2009
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The hottest song in America currently. Preformed by Lay GaGa, a pop goddess. Or playboy model.

A straight face that poker players try to keep.
Person 1: Have you seen that video for Poker face?
Person2: Yeah.

Person 1: Look at that guy. He couldn't keep a straight face if he wanted to.
Person 2: A poker face.
by Shannah Rose February 14, 2009
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The player girl. She usually gets guys hooked by looks, and then reels them in with her personality. Very careful with who she picks, but anyone could be her next target.
"She so got him last night at the party!"
"Duh, that's a poker face for you!"
by Spinhair April 03, 2010
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An over weight female with an attractive face used for oral sex.
Poker Face
"Shorty had a poker face.. that means she a little over weight but I'll poker face!" - Hellaquent
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BEST SONG EVER! Written AND composed by the one and only LADY GAGA, who became famous the real way, by booking gigs and working on talent, not by some stupid reality show, like american idol. Which is kind of ironic, considering she did a kick-ass performance on their stage.
by gagaforgaga April 13, 2009
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A face used when you are with a guy but fantisizing about a girl. Lady gaga's song "Poker Face" is about this. Ryan Secrest announced this meaning on "American top 40."
Lyrics to Poker face by Lady Gaga

"Cant read my,cant read my no he cant read my poker face"
by Original Gangster 101 May 03, 2009
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Thinking of the opposite sex of the person that you are fucking while having sex. This goes for straight and gay couples.
Girl: "Last night when my boyfriend and I were fucking, I totally pokered face"
by amberlynmonroe January 02, 2011
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