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A gram of cocaine (bag) that has been adulterated or “cut” with various powdery fillers that should not be ingested by the human body. The users will not be aware they have consumed a poison bag until the next morning when their hang over is exacerbated by the poisonous contents.

The effects are usually headache, extra dry mouth, congestions of the nose and throat, vomiting, fever, depression and a preference to limit any human contact unless you are being spooned.

Poison bags are often re-ordered and consumed, even with the purchaser aware that they are purchasing a tainted bag, due to a lack of available supply, a discount in the price or to chase the dream.
1. Damn I feel like shit, I must have bought a poison bag

2. Don't buy bags from tickets, you know he only sells poison bags

3. You: Can you get bags?
Friend: Yeah I have a number.... but his bags are poison
You: Fuck it ill get one anyway and worry about it tomorrow

4. You: Ahh fark that burns, must be a poison bag
Friend: You ok?
You: Yeah.....lets order another one
Friend: bring on the poison
by Bag man August 21, 2013
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