a petite, non asian girl. A girl so small, you just wanna grab her and put her in you're pocket. Pocket girls are usually pretty spunky, and are real easy on the eyes, if you catch my drift. One does not have to date a pocket girl to have one. All one has to do is simply proclaim that said pocket girl belongs to them, and if someone hasn't claimed her, then she is you'rs. There is a limit to how many pocket girls you can get, that limit being 3. it is ill advised to have more than three pocket girls , as this results in overdose. A group or herd of pocket girls is referred to as a giggle or a twitter.
Hey look at that pocket girl over there, pretty hot huh?
Back off dude, thats my pocket-girl, get you're own!
by Rockko May 7, 2007
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A girl that you keep around for company when your bored or loney and in-between girlfriends. Also called a surrogate girlfriend.
John: Hey who was that you were on a date with last night? I thought you and Marie were together?

Michael: Nah man...she's just my back pocket girl till I find someone I wanna settle down with.
by hollypete September 7, 2009
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A girl that a guy keeps on the side (or in his ‘back pocket’) for when things in his current relationship go badly or end all together
When his new wife decides to throw bitch fits or is holding out on him, Mike calls on his Back pocket girl, to suppliment him, but totally ignores her otherwise.
by backpocketed January 19, 2011
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another word for vagina,when it is being used as a hiding place or stash spot for drugs,etc.
"Watch out for the cops around here! Put the dope in your girl pocket in case you get pulled over on your way home."
by Matt's Ruca May 20, 2007
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The space in between the breast in a good fitting bra. Makes an excellent pocket for a girl whose pants or skirt may not have regular pockets.
Jill used her girl pocket to hold her cell phone while she used it with speaker phone. This allowed her to keep her hands free.
by jgray2 September 15, 2008
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