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noun. MMORPG jargon for NPC party members brought along for the sole purpose of healing human-controlled characters. Term originated in Dungeons & Dragons Online, where NPC hirelings are purchased from a store, and an icon for their contract appears in the character's inventory (i.e., in your pocket). Double-clicking the icon summons the pocket cleric to join the party, which he will follow like a stupid puppy, all too eager to apply band-aids to reckless berzerkers and click-mad zergers.
Dude, we got totally smeared on Tempest's Spine last night.

If you had room in the party, you should have taken a pocket cleric!

Yeah, like we want to take a retarded puppy up to fight Sor'jek. At least we might have made it that far, though.
by Skaught October 25, 2010
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