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Also known as PNS. This is defined as the people who have a sense of "entitlement" to everything and anything all the while doing absolutely nothing to lawfully/legally gain what they desire. They would rather sit on welfare and bitch then to further themselves in life. Every tax payer supports them financially.

These people in female version are also known to be ratchets.
Every race has its own version:
Po' Trailer Trash Syndrome: PTTS
Po' Spic Syndrome: PSS

For example:
A person who rents a room for $300 a month, does not contribute to any other cost of living such as utilities, food, cleaning etc yet bitches that the person(s) they live with refuse to cook for them, clean their room, take them places even though they have a vehicle, plays the "oh whoa is me" card every time they open their mouth.
He refuses to get a job, sits and bitches about everything! He suffers from Po' Nigga Syndrome (PNS)!
by Creator of PNS May 27, 2014
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