A Slang word for the police. Will often come when unwanted, such as a time when underage drinking is occuring.
by cseem April 24, 2007
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Da Po Po R Comiin
Wag1 Po Po
Fuck, Jerry Got Banged Up By Da Po Po
by Peng Gal November 06, 2007
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pants off plans off; when one declines an invitation to go out because they've already removed their pants.
He asked me to meet up him for a drink, but I was already POPO.
by sloanzone November 20, 2019
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2. Slang term used within Police forces to denote disgruntled officers who didn't achieve promotion. Stands for "Pissed off, passed over."
Cop 1: (To new recruit) "I'm telling you the job sucks. Look at me, 15 years of service and I still didn't make Sergeant."
Cop 2 : "Don't listen to him son, he's just a disgruntled old Po-Po."
by Popokiwi January 29, 2016
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