A man who constantly wants to bang a bbw, those who love women with more to love, one who fantasizes about sexual encounters with big women, or those of us who are lucky enough to be able to fill one up on a regular basis.
I can't stand when my bbw girlfriend goes out of town, all I can think about is banging her, I am a true plumper pumper,
by fat lover August 12, 2007
One who likes to bang fat chicks. (Fat not PHat). Also know as a pig hunter, pig farmer, chocolatier.
Rob: Its not that she is just fucking some other guy right now and idont want in the middle, i will find new girls, i just wanne be friendswith her. Besides, theres a fat bitch in raymond i might nail soon.
Dan: Hey big girls need love too, I just never figured you 4 a plumper pumper!!!!
Rob: awwwww damn

by Dano3805 October 25, 2006
A Plumper Humper is someone who like's humping a fat person (male or female)
Jon is a total plumper humper and he is super proud of it.


Jane is a bit of a plumper humper but it makes her feel good giving like that.
by -cM June 18, 2007
The act in which one must swim through a sea of fat rolls, in order to seduce a large woman
John was into bigger girls, he often enjoyed his experience with their PLUMPER-MUFFIN
by Codybrooks October 23, 2017
One who bumps up on plump bitches. Ie: Enjoys the fat stack.
Victor enjoys the qualities of his Plumper Bumper on the back end of his whale.
by Grewvey1 July 12, 2008
Taking the Jizz from a fat person and making a sandwich out of it.
This Plumper Butter Nutter Taste really good with Tuna !!
by Awesomeness02 March 3, 2015
It’s what happens to your penis when you hold back two cum shots that it causes your penis to swell.
Well... I wanted to bust a fat nut, but it was no nut November, so I received a double plumper.
by Boof Moof October 10, 2019