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A group of gangs from east side Worcester from seven hills to the south bridge and 8th street. notorious, outlawed, dangerous criminals. There reputation for being fearless has brought rival gangs to gun shootings, stabbings, drive-bys'- brawls and street fights. They earn a reputation for drug dealing, and there music. There colors a red and black and white, there has been many brothers dead, many badly injured and many in jail to this day, they run blocks from south leominster to east Fitchburg and all of Worcester including flock block, plum block and g block. They are a mix of the mob, ops, the 12, team hush and villains. They are one of the most feared gangs in the east side amd ready to shoot off and hit the streets whenever needed. There fights and shootings with the rival biker gang the hogs from chapter 6 has brought many deaths to plum city and many now in lock up.
by Plumvillianlilezy September 14, 2015
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