the anal version of a queef. not just a fart but air and jiz combining to make a ploof noise when a cock is pulled out of ones ass
darren got embarrassed when he ploof'd after john pulled his dick outta his ass
by sid pain October 19, 2008
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plu-ff: A term usually used between "action stars" (*example*).

Often used by anime fangirls to describe the action of whacking someone with a plusshy pillow.
ZetaGundam: Say...i never noticed how short your legs are...
BambooPanda: ...
BambooPanda: *Ploofs Zeta*
by Zeta Gundam March 11, 2005
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The best CS player in existence. Possibly the biggest badass imaginable. Is known to pwn nubs, noobs, n00bs, noobies, nublets, nubcakes, nubsauces, naabs, noobsticks, neebs, nuubs, newbs, newbies, nuubs in tuubs, noobasauruses, noobwads, noob bags, nub-nubs, nibs, newbits, knobs, nubheds, nubliches, wubs, noobaloids, nubholes and other forms of the word noob.

Synonyms: Great, amazing, God.
Antonyms: HAXOR
LI3K lolz Ploof PWNED MEH.
by lkafd February 05, 2007
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someone that looks and acts like rayane on her sad or depressed days.
you’re being such a ploof
by andjwnoamxnaoprd January 19, 2018
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