Someone is smooth. Does not have to be someone who manipulates. They just are a smooth individual who is charismatic, not into drama, and people get a long with
Cmon g, you know Iā€™m too playa for that bullshit
by Trendsetta Swavey July 01, 2020
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A pimp or a mack.
"Keep my playa mode fresh, I'm daily looking for a profit
Breaking bitches like my daddy said to make my pockets rocking"
by realniggggggggershit July 23, 2018
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A man or woman who provides a valuable service to the opposite sex. In the case of the male Playa (from my own experience) there are many duties and responsibilities a Playa has in uplifting and empowering woman to a status where dependence upon any man is unnecessary. Playas MUST be able to listen genuinely, sincerely fill the roles of Homie-Lover-Friend, be good at providing sexual satisfaction, and hold an internal balance between emotion and purpose. If a Playa has good enough game he would be able to fill his life with strong, independent women who are not seeking a relationship (and often buy gifts for their "Homie-Lover-Friend").
It shouldn't be used in a sentence. While it can be a known fact that a Playa is what they are, it is not necessary and even egotistical to lay claim to such a title. Playas often find other terms to redefine their "Game".
by Joe_PrimaLust February 22, 2018
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A)a member of an athletic sport and or team
B)a person who owns prostitutes and sells their sex for profit a.k.a. pimp
C)somebody with an inclined social life and enjoys "kikin' it wit' his/her homedizzles"
D)me, biatch!
A)Hey dawg. Ain't you a playa' on thu basketball team?
B)That playa' over there be pimpin' those ho's like a eukalele!
C)Sup playa'. We be tight yo!
D)I'm a playa' biatch
by Zak Dizzle October 17, 2003
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someone as cold as can be when he's satisfied... a DOGG ... a player... playin the game.. means doin what he can to go a level upper without giving a fuck cause when he does something... that's what he was supposed to do .. because it's the rules of the game... don't hate him or what he did... he did it in the rules of the game.. so hate the game ! he put his middle finger to the police, the other people and the hoes... the rules make that you can't trust any of them... so it's kinda "play or get played"... get your goal.. get your money... and basta ! if you have only one girl that you love... you'll get played and be sad .... when you have many girls... as soon you get the pussy you get the "cold attitude" cause you won no matter what... you don't need any of them girls because if one goes you got the others.......this mentality opposite to the mentality that is in "love" shit attracks the girls.... so you got what u want , got what u need.... you're fly, you got the money, the girls, the fame, all that can be called "the Game" ... you got game... you're a player..... when you're a playa , many people will turn against you because of jealousy, they're envious.... they're called HATERS... they are part of the game too...... break em or dont give em a fuck ... how you want to.... when you're a playa you're a winner too... pain ain't shit it's a part of the game... cry , cry, cry , as long as you take a lesson of what you lived... and it makes you experience....... what don't kill you makes you stronger..... that's how it goes these days.....! when you say PLAYER you automaticly mean GOOD PLAYER, WINNER, the playas are all good ....dont confuse with HATERS
Take a look at your life ! you won everything ! you got happiness, love , a family, money, respect ! you're a damn ass playa !
by K V September 07, 2006
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A true "playa", is a male of virtually any age, who is spiritually advanced enough to accept himself, accept others, respect women, and generally leave the world a better place for him being here. This foundation allows him the freedom to enjoy his life to the max, to truly have fun...play...and since guys like girls playas have fun with that too, in a cool, decent, smooth kind of way

note: a "player" is the type of guy that doesn't really respect other people and doesn't really respect himself...so he sometimes has his "fun" at others' expense.
In recent years the JV behavior of players has made regular people come to think playa's are "bad" people....you know, guilt by association.
What's G?....the guts to do what you were put on earth to do. And if you don't know yet just get on a path that will take you to it.
by oos February 08, 2009
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