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Used to describe acts which would be considered foolish or pleasure. More often than not however "play play" is preceded by the word "no" to indicate the seriousness of an event.
Person 1, "Yo what up T."
Person 2, "Aint shit what you want?"
Person 1, "This aint no play play, get over here."
Person 2, "(click)"

Person 2 has now been alerted that there is serious business to be had and many dolla dolla bills to be made.
by T,P August 04, 2010
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a joke - to just kid- not taken seriously
oh man i was just kidding - it was just a play play
by roxanne January 28, 2004
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It means, are u telling the truth or are you joking.
Chris: Yo man when u said u got pulled over by the feds the other day was that for real or for play-play.

(used in the movie ATL)
by S_Dizzel July 01, 2006
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A play-play is a small screwed up piece of paper, often thrown for the amusement of a pet cat.
Lisa threw a play-play for her pet cat Wookie.
by TrueParadox April 04, 2010
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When you do more than just play. i.e. make love, have sex, fuck
I'm so horny I need to play play.
by superqwerty November 11, 2006
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Are you two in a Facebook relationship for real, or just for playplay?

Did you buy a pink Volkswagen because you're confused, or was it just playplay?
by musicman11 January 09, 2011
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