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- the dissolution of a non-sexual, non-romantic relationship; usually the dissolution of a friendship

Platonic divorces are rarely hostile and normally occur when friends drift apart either on purpose or by chance.

Platonic divorces between women are often irreversible and can never return to the 'pre-divorce' state.

Platonic divorces between men are more easily reversed. It only takes a phone call saying, "Hey bud, I got a case of beer. You wanna come over to watch the game and get hammered man??"

Currently, platonic divorces between a man and a woman are completely irreverible.
e.g. After Gwen moved to Vancouver and stopped sending even Christmas cards, she and Maria platonically divorced.

e.g. Greg platonically divorced Jane after not being invited to her wedding.

e.g. I think Lara and I will get a platonic divorce if neither of us call within the next couple months.
by Howard P. January 06, 2005
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