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A store that sells high priced fashion for cheap prices. They have everything from Old Navy to Abercrombie and Fitch. And if you need quick drug or gas money you can bring them your nice expensive clothes and they'll buy them from you for cheap and sell them to people like me for 4 or 5 more dollars than they just bought it from you.
Damn son I'm out of gas money, let me sell your Reeboks to Plato's Closet for 3 dollars.
by Angela from Chicopee April 14, 2005
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An outdated thrift store from the 2000's that thinks they're still relevant in today's decade. The employees there are usually ratchet or white trash girls that have no style at all and they're rude. They try too hard to look trendy but almost all of their clothes are designer jeans and old stuff from hollister because that's what they take. They wont take anything a woman in her 30s or over would wear but only teen clothing. For pricing, they'll buy your clothes for super cheap and then sell them for $10 more at the store.
*girl I just sold all my old ass true religions and Abercrombie sweaters to Platos Closet and they only gave me $35 for all of it. The hell?
by Politicallycorrectdemocrat November 13, 2016
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