A rich person who actually uses their wealth to make other people's lives better. They may or may not live in modest homes, but they do fund charities, buy practical gifts for the poor and encourage other rich people to do the same. According to Hollywood, these people are rarer than dragons.
Ever since Dave won the lottery, he's become a platinum champion! He helped pay for my daughter's medical bills and we've never even met before yesterday!
by garbagemountain November 11, 2015
a place where experts teach you to make hella money forex

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peasant: yo mate how you afford that lambo?
me: platinum uni my guy
by willlever1111 February 21, 2021
a ghost that is obtained by stabbing yourself with a cool arrow and hope you dont get trash and get the world (Za Warūdo) Or Star platinum (Star Purachina)

dont actually do this you will die
star platinum is spooky ghost has power to stop time and punch with fast reflexes and can kill a gay vampire that can also stop time but was too cocky and died to a weaker version of him making him obtain skill issue
by yare daze yare ora ora ora ora February 18, 2022
dude, have you seen Star Platinum in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? He's such a punchy boi.
What?!? who's Star Platinum, I only know of hamon!
by RobotGamer08 September 7, 2020