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Someone who follows the crowd. A person that will leave your ass behind just to go hang with the so called "cool group". a persons servant. this person won't mind getting treated like shit every day as long as people think they are in the in crowd. someone who is on the highest level of the bitch scale when it comes to being a follower. this term was made popular by the episcopal high school student body...... UPDATE: The Episcopal School of Jacksonville student body.
Guy 1: Hey guys lets move to a different table, I'm not feeling this spot.

(part of the group follows the leader)

Guy 2: shit man I'm not movin.

Guy 3: wow there's only 3 people left at this table, i might go with them.

Guy 2: man if you follow them you're a platinum bitch!

Guy 3: good point, i don't wanna be a cock sucker. thanks bro.
by gangsta_prep December 21, 2011
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