Badass little town East of Tampa. There are a lot of Surenos and Nortenos as well as usual steryotypes. A section called Walden Lake is where most of the rich people live. There are a few ghettos in there. And there are two main middle schools, Tomlin and Marshall. One highschool, Plant City Highschool.
Bob: Plant City sucks.
Michael, Ruben, Izzy, Kali, Angelyse: *shanks*
by Michael Hash April 28, 2007
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A place in Florida where everybody knows everybody. Plant City is a small town known for its strawberries and cows. You got the down to earth country folk, that is friends with every bodies grandparents. You have the the white kids that are gangster wannabes and listen to trap SoundCloud rap. You got the crazy rednecks in their lifted chevys and American flags in the truck bed, if you disrespect them you best get the hell out of their city.

Everywhere you look you see a truck or Jeep, the people are nice, unless you encounter one of the crackheads, they’ll make you crazy.

There’s enough Mexicans to pick all your strawberries. To top it all off on this crazy little city, there’s meth labs everywhere and 14 year old white kids smoking weed. Plant shitty is overall a cool place to live, but if you can get out then do yourself a favor and leave.
Brad: have you been to plant city? Chad: yeah it’s pretty cool, minus the Mexicans and crackheads
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Where the strawberry festival is at. Dats the only thing anyone cares about. Its a festival that all the white trash rednecks attend to eat fried shit and watch country music acts before they go home drunk to fuck there sisters or brother.

They are all Trump supporters along with there web footed "She's just slow, but her brain will grow." Inbred children.

5/10 it's no Branson, MI
Plant City is a town north of Tampa.
by FunkyKongJr December 3, 2021
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A sad little town close to Tampa. There's nothing to do and the only thing that a person can look forward to is the Strawberry Festival. The local schools show there stupid piggies and horsies and have a grand old time. Its great if you're old and like to play golf. There's lots of Mexicans and of course, local gangs. There used to be plenty of free events but thanks to a certain economic recession, nothing is free anymore. You've got Tomlin and Marshall for middle school and Plant City High and Durant High for high school. Each group of schools is "rivals." Plant City High School sports didn't do too badly in the 2007-2008 seasons. The plazas are ridiculously annoying. There's virtually nothing interesting to do. Its an OK place but if you want a real life, you don't want to live here. If you do, you're kinda crazy.
A: "Where do you live?"
B: "Plant City."
A: "where's that?"
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A city in Hillsborough County, Florida just east of Tampa. Has alot of strawberry fields and enough Mexicans to pick them with, home of the strawberry festical. Too many plazas and a whole lot of nothing in that town. There is a section called Walden Lake in which there is an abundance of wiggers and white hardasses, have no fear, the fake cliques of blacks reside on the east and westside, as well as alot of Surenos and Nortenos.. Theres alot of skateboarders there too and metalheads at the Sansone Park who like to fight and smoke pot. Plant City does have a high theft rate. But otherwise it should be considered a sin to take people here seriously.
Ted: "Heard bout' Plant City, Hank?!?"
Hank: "Yeah, I jus payed a beaner 5 dollars to do all my yard work."
by Robbin Lynch November 21, 2006
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Nicknamed itty bitty plant shitty. by far the worst city in all of florida. it has the kids that think they are all that because they live in walden lake, the ones that eat sleep and breathe country music, the other teenage idiots that think they are actual gang members (but they aren’t) and then the crackheads. it has the shittiest middle schools and high school, and whoever moves away from plant city is by far the luckiest person in the universe.
“man have you heard about the city called plant city ?”

“you mean the shit hole? yea i’ve heard of it”
by eightyeight99 August 25, 2019
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A town east of Tampa in Fla. It's a nice place, but you wouldn't want to stay there forever.

Walden Lake is just a bunch of cookie cutter homes copied and pasted in an orderly fashion. Walden Lake East is just a bunch of houses with no real neighborhood name.

We have a pretty bad high school, whose colors are teal, orange, and black. And we lose almost every game.

Downtown is historic, but is mostly made up of a bunch of churches and shops that run out of business, get taken over by another person, and run out of business again. Although my father has a nice law office there too.

We're apparantly called the winter strawberry capitol of the world, which is better than nothing. We also have a strawberry festival, which is just a huge fair with rides. It also comes with a building called "The Arthur Boring Civic Center", which just has rocking chairs and flagpoles on display/sale.

We also have enough illegal migrant workers to pick a bazillion strawberries, so I guess you could call it an advantage.

We do have gangs like Sur Trese and stuff, but they'll never bother you. So don't sweat it.

That's about it...overall a pretty cool place for visiting.
Plant City is a cool place to grow up, but you'll end up killing yourself in the end from an extreme case of boredom, generally by the age of 25.
"Hey, are you from Plant City?"

"Yeah, but I'm about to move to USF/UF/FSU because there's nothing left for me here!"
by Bryars B May 21, 2007
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