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a boy who doesnt shower and is slease. unfortunately i never noticed the smell, looked past the greasy hair, belived in him, and fell in love. he broke my heart. he is complete slease.
Candice: hes grease
Leanna: no grease is good, grease is a movie. he's slease!
Candice: hmm.. something greasy and bad..
Leanna: grease from a pizza
Candice: pizza grease
Leanna: *hysterical laughing* Pizzagrease!!!
Kerri and Candice: huh?
Leanna: PETES A GREASE! pizzagrease!
by Jynx March 02, 2005
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a grotesque ex-boyfriend who is rather skeevy and has greasy hair and acne problems
forget about PizzaGrease!
by LadySin June 04, 2005
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Pizza grease is the various bodily fluids that accumulate in the folds and creases of the nether regions, eventually staining the bedsheets during and especially after sexual intercourse. See also quim or, as read in Achewood, "dunk oil."
I need to do a load of laundry; I don't know if I'm depressed or just lazy, but I've been sleeping in pizza grease for days.
by Boswell's Johnson December 07, 2016
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