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Steelers fans do not bandwagon. They have loyalty to their favorite franchise. We went 15-1 this year and I will be a fan if they go 1-15 next year. Steelers fans go to work from their factories or wherever they work in Western PA and like to come home, drink a beer and watch the Stillers. The only real haters should be the Cowboys fans, who are just sour over the 70's dominance. Everybody else has no good reason and have no knowledge of the legendary franchise.
The Steelers are 4/5 in their SuperBowl appearances and are the greatest NFL dynasty ever.
by Kadafi February 02, 2005
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The team that never has any whiners or prettyboys. They always give 100%, and that is thanks to their coaches and owners. Dominating the 1970's and staying strong until today and forevermore, the fans will never lose faith in this team.

Also the team that the Terrible Towel was made for.
The pittsburgh steelers have a strong year every season.
by Young Sun January 15, 2006
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n. A football team that was formed in Pittsburgh a long time ago. They sucked until the seventies, but then they started using large amounts of steriods. These steroids gave them the ability to win 4 Super Bowls by cheating. Ever since the seventies started, they have been the luckiest team in the NFL for several reasons:
1. The most memorable play in their history was illegal and incredibly lucky.
2. They were barely noticed for their extreme usage of steroids which gave them 4 Super Bowls.
3. They have not won ONE of their 6 Super Bowls fairly, there is some kind of controversy surrounding every one:
'70's: Steroids
'05: Injured Carson Palmer, won because most teams suck without their best player. Manning and Plummer can't play in the playoffs. Refs handed them Super Bowl (The Refs are a common Steelers helper; whenever your favorite team plays the Steelers, it is playing both the Steelers and the Refs).
'08:Would not have won division had it not been for terrible call in game against Ravens, which would have resulted in the Steelers having to play on the road in the playoffs which equals a loss. Also, every team they had to play in the playoffs beat a team that beat the Steelers in the regular season in the previous round.
I'm sure we haven't seen the end of the luckiness in Pittsburgh
Bill: Wow the Patriots are much better than the Steelers, Tom. I am pretty sure they will win today

Tom: I don't know, Bill, you have to remember: the Pittsburgh Steelers always have the refs on their side.

Larry: Wow I can't believe that play John. I mean, the Steelers won the game because Roethlisberger threw the ball forward and it bounced off of Hines Ward into the hands of Santonio Holmes, who fumbled into the arms of Roethlisberger, who illegally threw it forward again, only to be intercepted, but then the defender fumbled it and then Mike Tomlin stepped on the field and picked it up, and then he threw it to a cunt named Richard Simmons, who happened to be wearing a Steelers jersey.

John: Yeah, Larry, the Steelers are so good. Only they would be able to do that.

by Iamactuallyasteelersfan March 11, 2009
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the best team in the NFL!
Got screwed out of the 2005 superbowl by that oh so good looking new england QB!! ..Bastard
...they just kick ass
by DEstiny January 29, 2005
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A NFL franchise that has a roster loaded with and fans that are unemployed losers, faggots, lesbians, convicts, scumbags, stupid cocksuckers, dumbass bitches, motherless whores, ass pirates, child molesters, toothless square headed hillbillies, and any number of unmentioned retrobates. They like to brag about the last 35 years of their franchise history (except the 80's)but don't mention the first 40 sorry ass years of their existence when they sucked cock and balls like somebody in a hot dog eating contest. They wave a "terrible towel" at games like a bunch of pussy school girls at a pom-pom competition and think it's cool, while the rest of the NFL watches and thinks, "What a bunch of bitch fairies." The only thing they like better than Jack Lambert is jacking off in their mother's face. They only thing they love more than Hines Ward is taking cock in their mouth and ass, balls deep simultaneously (that means at the same time for you dumb fuck Steelers fans). If they didn't have Steelers games to watch their fans would resort back to watching dog fights, cock fights, and watching their father screw their sisters and brothers.
"Hey, yous guys want to go to a Pittsburgh Steelers game?"

"Nah, I'd rather lick the sweat off a faggot's cum encrusted ball sack."

"Yeah, that's what we do after we wave those terrible towels like a bunch of dingleberry munching fairies."

"OK let's go! Sounds better than watching Dad make the two-backed beast with my little brother and sister again."
by Ravendude January 27, 2009
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(1) The team that disgraced our Nation and our military abroad by skipping the National Anthem before their Monday Night Football game in 2007 where they played a winless Miami Dolphins team and just barely managed a 3-0 win with a late 4th quarter field goal.

(2) A team most of whoms fans have never actually seen them play live and talk about their 5 superbowls even though they weren't alive or were so young they can't remember 4 of them.

(3) A team whos fans rag on Cleveland fans. Too bad they're too fucking stupid to know that the logo on their beloved team's helmet is that of Cleveland Steel. Suck on that fucktards.

(4) A team whos fans rag on Ray Lewis even though he owns them, b/c they have/had mediocre talent like Joey Porter or Troy Pomalamadingdong or Lil' "No Helmet Laws in PA" Ben or Jerome "I average exactly 1 yard per carry" Bettis. Even there old coach left them in the dust.

(5) A team that attempts to pussify the NFL by waving gay little yellow towels around. They also refer to their 70s defenses has some type of curtain. With all of these linens in football it has been reported that Martha Stewart is the #1 Steelers fan.

(6) A team that has a starting QB who makes a living wearing a helmet, yet doesn't wear one while riding a very, very fast motorcycle on a dirty, ugly Pittsburgh street.
"Wow the Pittsburgh Steelers really suck. They just lost to the Jets. Maybe they should change from the Black N Gold Nation to the Black N Fold Nation."
by chazillionaire December 01, 2007
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