The greatest damn place in the universe. pronounced - Picksburgh. We hate Cincinnati. Fuck the Bengals. The Steelers are a religion. We bleed black and gold. We say "yinz," "haus," "warsh," and our favorite foods are "kibossi" and pirogies. Rolling Rock and Iron City are the shit. It's cheap but fucks your ass up, so who cares? You can't drive five minutes without hitting a pothole, but get over it. You don't like it, get the fuck outta my city. We have K-Mark's, and Wal-Mark's. We have tittie bars. We're getting a casino, and if you don't like the "Stillers" you're obviously not a real football fan. It's Car-Nay-Gee not Carn-Uh-Gee. Contrary to popular belief, there are NOT a lot of rednecks. But yes about the fat men drinking Pabst beer all day. We love our Amish. You're just jealous cuz you don't have them! We have Paps, not Paw-Paws or Pop-Pops. You can take a bus most anywhere. Tourists love to take pictures of our city all lit up at night. I've rode the incline, several times. Everybody loves giving the bird in Pittsburgh! We tell people to stop being so damn "nebby." When you ask someone to hand you a "gum-band" you know exactly what they are talking about. For yinz or youz guys who don't know what a gum-band is : that's a rubber band. We know all three rivers by name. The Ohio, Monongahela, and Allegheny. When someone starts to chant "Here we Go Steelers," you know exactly what to do. We drink pop, eat hoagies, and all our sandwiches and salads have fries on 'em. We have still mills. We have Eat N' Parks, Ponderosas, and can order "dippy eggs" at restaurants and have the waitress or waiter know exactly what we're talking about. Kennywood is the best amusement park in America. Chipped ham is in every refrigerator. Hunt's is unheard of, Heinz all the wayy baby. We don't have creeks, we have "cricks". We walk carefully when it's "slippy" outside. Most of our parents have had to walk 15 miles to school in 6 feet of snow. If you don't like Pittsburgh, get the fuck outta here. We love the "Dirty Burgh."
"Where yinz guys goin'?"
"To down town Pittsburgh."
by Ahyla August 20, 2008
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A pretty place with coal and steel and rivers.
Pittsburgh was the coolest place to go when we were young and bored and single.
by dictionary April 09, 2003
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If you consider yourself to be a crying little bitch,(like many of the above authors) stay on the west coast you yuppie piece of shit. Pittsburgh does not cater to you, and its residents will chew you up and spit you out. This city was founded by, and is full of, blue collar workers that will just as soon shake your hand as punch you in the face. Most people from other cities are jealous of the Steelers dominance and therefore make claims that the city is below average. However, although the people can be a little rough around the edges, they are no where near as offensive and rude as New Yorkers, or as air headed and stoned as Californians. The city itself is clean and always expanding. Pittsburgh will soon be hosting the MLB allstar game in the new PNC Park stadium. Pittsburgh sits on three beautiful rivers that were the home of last years BASS Masters tournament. The charm of Pittsburgh lies in its history,location, and diversity, not its trendy bars and nightlife. The city employs no gimmicks or outlandish claims to get people to visit, it is what it is, like it or not.
I stopped in Pittsburgh for a few days on business, and while I was there I told locals that their city was shitty. They soon sent their wives to beat my ass because i was such a baby that they felt bad doing it themselves. Afterwards i flew back to my home in Seattle sipping a 6 dollar latte, and got online to spread lies about Pittsburgh.
by Andy Warhol May 19, 2006
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Pittsburgh – the people who’ve defined it as boring and stupid obviously don’t get out much & are projecting what they see when they're peeking out from under the rock they crawled out of. Pittsburgh is a city that represents cultural diversity, civic pride, respect, and history. It was founded in 1758 and is located at the intersection of 3 rivers (which George Washington found to be advantageous when he was a general; Pittsburgh grew around Fort Pitt). Some people herein have defined Pittsburgh as dirty and ugly, because they have managed by some miracle to grasp that there had been steel-manufacturing here. But it was named the 10th cleanest city in 2007 by Forbes magazine, and is home to the first green-certified historic building, convention center, warehouse, banking facility, and university residence hall; The Green Building Alliance, a non-profit development svc that promotes green community development is in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has consistently ranked high (achieving number 1 many times) in several livability surveys. It has state-of-the-art healthcare (UPMC), reliable public transportation, several neighborhoods, and is a relatively safe city w/friendly people. As far as culture goes, its local public television station WQED has won over 60 Emmys & 12 Peabody Awards (and is where Fred Rogers aired Mister Rogers Neighborhood). George Romero and Tom Savini have not forgotten their ties with Pittsburgh; George Romero has filmed several of his movies in and around the area, & Tom Savini runs Special Effects Make-Up and Digital Film Programs in the area. Jeff Goldblum came back to film the movie, “Pittsburgh” – and speaking of films, some of the many movies that have been shot in and around Pittsburgh include Night of the Living Dead; Bob Roberts; Kingpin; Dogma; Innocent Blood; Silence of the Lambs; the Mothman Prophecies; and the Wonder Boys – to name a few, due to its richness in architecture, neighborhoods, and reasonable costs. There are several independent film theaters in the area, three of which are sponsored by the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Society which is committed to promoting area artists involved in film, video, photography, digital media and creative arts. In fact there are numerous schools geared toward artistic excellence; and there are several museums and galleries (e.g., Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, featuring the art museum, history museum, and science center; the Warhol Museum, the Mattress Factory, Frick Art & Historical Center, Wood Street Galleries, to name a few, but in addition mention should be made of the Silver Eye Center for Photography and the Photography Museum). The area abounds with beautiful sculptures and murals. The Three Rivers Arts Festival at Point State Park, Gateway Center, and the Cultural District downtown every summer features exceptional visual and performing artists –local and world-class acts – free of charge. And there is the First Night Festival on New Years Eve in the cultural district downtown, which opens its doors to the public with events held inside and out on the streets by local and nationally-known artists, with the new year ushered in by a fantastic fireworks display over the water (by Zembelli Fireworks, pyrotechnic geniuses who regularly put on their shows here). There are traditional as well as innovative theaters in Pittsburgh (eg. City Theater on the South Side, Gemini Theater located in the Factory at Point Breeze, Carnegie Melon’s theater program, the Pittsburgh Playhouse, the Benedum, Heinz Hall, the Byhnam, the New Hazlett Theater, etc.). Pittsburgh has several clubs and larger venues for concerts (you can catch indy artists, or the Pittsburgh Symphony, for instance). Its diversity shows up also in its events, such as the Annual Dragon Boat Race, the Bloomfield Little Italy Days Festival, the UMOJA African Arts in the Park Festival, the Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, the Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, the Pittsburgh Irish Festival, and a Native American Annual Pow Wow Event,. (Oh, yes, and Pittsburgh has an annual Zombi Walk on the South Side.) Pittsburgh also has 50% more libraries than the national average. And as far as food goes- the person who claimed there are only franchises obviously has never had a sunday brunch at Zeniths or has been to Abay Ethiopian Restaurant, the Spice Island Teahouse, Smallman Street Deli, India Garden, Ali Baba Restaurant, Mallorca, Amalfi's, or the Double-wide Grill (again, to name only a few) or eaten a good breakfast while at the Strip District on a Saturday (during the Saturday Market) -- not only are there several excellent restaurants, there are many many reasonably priced ones as well. (There is also a Culinary School here.) And if you find it cold and dull in the winter, then you never thought to visit the Phipps Conservatory, with its many indoor gardens, or the National Aviary at feeding time, and it didn't occur to you that we have an international airport just up the road. So to the guy who landed in North Carolina and considered it heaven compared to Pittsburgh -well, if censorship, sanitized culture, and being in the buckle of the bible belt are more to your tastes, just as long as the weather’s warm, then good for you. It is grey and cold during the winter, but spring and summer are very pleasant (and you don't swim in your own sweat like you do when you're broiling in NC). And in Pittsburgh you can be in the cultural district and happen upon a person in an art gallery display window with nothing on but a g-string and painted designs, and it's okay; in NC it would become a pompous outrage (a lot of artistic expression has been scandalized and suppressed there) & she'd have ended up getting carted off to jail.
Pittsburgh Saturday Market George Romero Zombie Walk Phipps Cathedral of Learning
by jbuggie July 21, 2009
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also see: Piks-burgh
If real people from Pittsburgh would have put Pittsburgh as a word they really should have put the pronounciation as "Piks-Burgh"
by BirdOfPray August 15, 2003
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Pittsburgh is fantastic - I'm from the other side of PA, Bethlehem, north of Philly. Don't get me wrong, Philly's a great place too, but there's this gritty funky charm that appeals to me about P-Burgh.

People talk about the bars, the defunct steel mills, the cranky old people, but they're everywhere; but what about the cool jazz scene, both amateur and professional. I like the people there, my mom still has friends there, and I would live there if not for my premature arthritis which would be aggravated by the weather.
Pittsburgh is pretty cool - I would move there in a second if I could.
by Raoul9 December 16, 2009
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An awesome city with awesome people. A city that loves football "the steelers". It has Awesome food and alot of beer and bars. It has alot of water because its surrounded by three rivers and has four seasons cold, almost winter, winter, and freeze your ass off.
If you go to Pittsburgh bring a jacket.
by Sarah8881 August 23, 2008
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