Steelers fans do not bandwagon. They have loyalty to their favorite franchise. We went 15-1 this year and I will be a fan if they go 1-15 next year. Steelers fans go to work from their factories or wherever they work in Western PA and like to come home, drink a beer and watch the Stillers. The only real haters should be the Cowboys fans, who are just sour over the 70's dominance. Everybody else has no good reason and have no knowledge of the legendary franchise.
The Steelers are 4/5 in their SuperBowl appearances and are the greatest NFL dynasty ever.
by Kadafi February 3, 2005
The team that never has any whiners or prettyboys. They always give 100%, and that is thanks to their coaches and owners. Dominating the 1970's and staying strong until today and forevermore, the fans will never lose faith in this team.

Also the team that the Terrible Towel was made for.
by Young Sun January 15, 2006
the best team in the NFL!
Got screwed out of the 2005 superbowl by that oh so good looking new england QB!! ..Bastard
...they just kick ass
by DEstiny January 30, 2005
Greatest team ever to grace the NFL. They currently are owned by the Rooney family. The Steelers have has the pleasure of enlisting such greats as Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Greene, and Jerome Bettis, as well as not so greats like Bubby Brewster and Kordel Stewert (Shenley Park anyone?). They are fueled by Pamani Brothers sandwiches, Iron City Beer and Cower Power. In 2006 they will be winning one for the thumb.

...and Cleveland still sucks.
by shortsteeler January 20, 2006
(1) The team that disgraced our Nation and our military abroad by skipping the National Anthem before their Monday Night Football game in 2007 where they played a winless Miami Dolphins team and just barely managed a 3-0 win with a late 4th quarter field goal.

(2) A team most of whoms fans have never actually seen them play live and talk about their 5 superbowls even though they weren't alive or were so young they can't remember 4 of them.

(3) A team whos fans rag on Cleveland fans. Too bad they're too fucking stupid to know that the logo on their beloved team's helmet is that of Cleveland Steel. Suck on that fucktards.

(4) A team whos fans rag on Ray Lewis even though he owns them, b/c they have/had mediocre talent like Joey Porter or Troy Pomalamadingdong or Lil' "No Helmet Laws in PA" Ben or Jerome "I average exactly 1 yard per carry" Bettis. Even there old coach left them in the dust.

(5) A team that attempts to pussify the NFL by waving gay little yellow towels around. They also refer to their 70s defenses has some type of curtain. With all of these linens in football it has been reported that Martha Stewart is the #1 Steelers fan.

(6) A team that has a starting QB who makes a living wearing a helmet, yet doesn't wear one while riding a very, very fast motorcycle on a dirty, ugly Pittsburgh street.
"Wow the Pittsburgh Steelers really suck. They just lost to the Jets. Maybe they should change from the Black N Gold Nation to the Black N Fold Nation."
by chazillionaire December 2, 2007
a cheating, overrated, lucky nfl team who always seems to make it to the superbowl. their colors are black and YELLOW, not black and gold. their coach enjoys paying off the refs and beating off on his players. their team consists of a rapist (ben roethlisberger), a faggot with long hair (troy polamolu), and a bunch of cocky queers. they have, by far, the absolute cockiest fans in the entire world. most of them consisting of white trash bandwagon jumpers. when they lose they will complain for weeks. this team is also known as the pittsburgh squealers.
steelers fan- lets go pittsburgh steelers! black and gold!
some guy- listen up douche bag, they are black and YELLOW, not black and gold, you egotistical fuck.
by thehonestfuck February 13, 2011
the dumbass team that has to use the zebahs AND CHEAT!!
Superbowl against the seahawks
PSF=pittsburgh steelers fann/ steelers SSF=Seattle Seahawk fann

PSF=wasn;t the game awesome
SSF= you cheatin bitches!
by Broncofann4life! April 2, 2009