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When aggressive dog enthusiasts claim that said dogs are no more dangerous than a ____________. Insert 'witty' choice of harmless living thing or inanimate object. They attribute living conditions and abuse as the main cause for the animal's aggression.

Any dog living with a hermetic sociopath will see kids as prey. However, pit bulls, pinschers and rottweilers were BRED to be aggressive. Look it up. Most breeds are a result of breeding for utility or aesthetic purposes. It's quite interesting. If you are defending domesticated animals, you should read into it. There's a wealth of information that will lead to realistic arguments to support your cause.
The dog lady that just moved in next door has pit bull denial, she lectured me when I told her that I didn't want my kid's face ripped off:

"What does it take to make people realize that pit bulls are not more aggressive than other dogs? My pit bull is the sweetest little love muffin, and he eats all the ice cream whenever I'm lonely."
by boukisan August 08, 2008
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