n: When one is fucking a girl in the ass and she flatuses and the penis is ejected with gas pressure.
Timmy was fucking this girl in the ass when she farted and turned his penis into a Butt Piston.
by Trees DT November 29, 2009
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1. The best basketball team in the league right now. Their type of basketball is usually played in a rough and tough style with a pounding offense and a powerful defense. They play as a team and thats why they win games.
Person #1: Who's the best team in the league right now?
Person #2: The Detroit Pistons are because they play as a team and have an incredible defense.
by Sameer January 14, 2006
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The teat that dispenses man milk, i.e. the male reproductive organ otherwise known as the fuckstick.
I jack-hammered her with the pink piston last night
by Irritatus Maximus September 20, 2007
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A Detriot Piston is when a male takes both of his hands, balls them into a fist and fists both the asshole and cunt of a female simultaneously. It is also optional to have another female in the background perfroming a rimjob on the male, but the extra female can be substituted for a dog. As the girl is orgasming, he must yell "DEEEE-TROOOOIT BASKETTTTBALLLLL!!!!!"
that Detroit Piston last night was the bomb.com
by RICK J/JD/SAMWISE March 30, 2010
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In a internal combustion engine when the cylinder is oversized and the piston will rock side to side producing a knocking sound.
Chad's car has really bad pistion slap
by Nobis July 29, 2003
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