The feeling of ecstacy you get after your first beer, usually after a long week, when you are unwinding with friends
Mate, I'm One Pint Pissed! I feel great!
by eric bisto October 24, 2020
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Term for particularly nasty south east Asian beer with a tiger on the label. Term coined by Vietnam war vets.
Johnny found us a couple bottles of panther piss, tasted god-awful but it got the job done.
by 3pac Quakur December 5, 2021
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A term for a drink that is especially high in caffeine (E.g. Red Bull, Mountain Dew)
I may drink lots of soda, but the one thing I can't stand is panther piss.
by GallopingSausage June 3, 2018
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Not allowed to piss for a month straight. Let’s see who can survive the longest
by Arjunio November 6, 2021
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This is that type of piss that comes out post-ejaculation, especially after the hardest nut, and is normally cloudy and slightly whitey yellow in colour.
Person 1: Bro I just had the biggest Nutty Piss
Person 2: Damn lemme see that
by Bobstain404 May 25, 2021
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Ceremonial urination in which an Octopus is the target of multiple streams of female piss.
She truly enjoyed that Octo-piss.

He doesn't deserve to die, but He deserves an Octo-piss.

You are really starting to Octo-piss me off!
by Too Soon Jr. June 20, 2017
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