When you wake up in the morning and you take a piss and its so much that it can almost fill a shasta soda bottle.
Wooooo I woke up this morning, ran to the bathroom and had to take a Shasta piss. I was standing there for almost 2 minutes striaght!
by Married2Success July 01, 2010
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"yo what are you doing"-some guy
"bro I am so scared I have reached a state of perfect shit and piss and cum"-scared dude
by Shit and piss and cum man November 19, 2020
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When you get so drunk you get lost, fall over and cry - all before 9pm.
Oh man, I got so Shoreham pissed last night - devo.
by MrDevz May 17, 2017
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Where Someone pisses on a side walk in public because rules against public pissing are stupid and pissing is a natural as breast feeding.
He believes in side walk pissing.
by Judge dredd7 April 23, 2011
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When your pissing on a burning log and the piss sizzles.
I went camping and pissed on the fire embers and saw sizzling piss!
by Razorblade89 November 04, 2017
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