an official drug tester. since they usually test your piss, he is called "piss man".
hey dude i cant smoke this weekend... the piss mans comin on monday and i gotta stay clean.
by soulbrotha06 April 30, 2009
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Cat Piss Man is the worst specimen among gamers, anime fans, or trekkies. Named for the odor that surrounds him, the only thing worse than Cat Piss Man's smell is his social skills.
The convention booth babes were into us, until a fucking cat piss man came up and started talking about his character.
by maddman75 August 16, 2003
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This is where your serving behind the bar and you get that one idiot that comes up to the bar pissed out of his face using his credit card to buy drinks because hes spent all his cash. you simply add some drinks to his tab and claim them as your own. Pissed man tax is born!
Man i got these drinks from "pissed man tax"
by Comm0n Nuisance February 20, 2009
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The bane of every fandom. They are characterized by poor social skills , obesity and dreadful hygiene.

Cat Piss Man tends to hang around comic shops never buying anything and scaring children.
Me and nephew were having a good time at the convention until some cat piss man started staring at us.
by queen_azure December 8, 2007
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see wordjizz/word
Sticky man piss,
Sticky man piss,
Sticky man piss,
wordJohn/word loves the cock!
by John August 31, 2003
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The act of peeing without unzipping or unbuttoning your pants. Although this method of peeing this does save time the act itself is very dangerous. It is more than likely that you will pee on either your pants, shirt, or hand.
Guy #1: Dude, I have to take a piss.

Guy #2: The bus is almost here though.

Guy #1: Looks like I have no choice but the Lazy Man's Piss.

Guy #2: May god help you.
by The Lazy Man May 13, 2011
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Guy in the toilet before me went for an old man piss, dirty fucker didn’t even wipe the seat
by Slazenginho November 28, 2021
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