A type of kink that isabellasgf have
“person 1: hey, do you know isabellasgf?
person 2: oh, the boy with a piss kink?
person 1: yeah!”

“I heard that Isabella is having a piss kink”

“Isabella is a person who have a big ass piss kink”
by jkakaksksjs September 3, 2021
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A condition many people suffer from
Grace:piss in my mouth fr rn
Alec:that’s a piss kink right there
by Your mum actually June 25, 2022
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John: Dude, Jessica is so hot I might ask her out.
Bob: I wouldn't if I were you, i heard she has a piss kink
by Dr1pp7 February 16, 2022
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something that me and dream was taken has😘
fans: do you have a piss kink

me and dream: yes definitely 🤤🤤
by thatsgnff on tiktok December 3, 2021
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jess: you look like you have a piss kink-

sam: i do, you asshole
jess: that explains why your dad left you.
sam: makes sense
by pisskinkshamer69420 December 28, 2022
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Person 1:you’re a piss kink haver

Person 2: bro I promise I’m not, I have many links but I don’t have a piss kink
by TheFagWithoutApissKink June 3, 2022
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