Something Dylan Leslie Gibson has

Dylan Leslie Gibson has a piss kink
Joseph: Dylan is is true that you have a piss kink
Dylan: yeah man piss is good
by Samuel Gross April 27, 2022
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something someone named sage would have
"Hey who has a piss kink?" "Sage."
by Sage the major Sage November 16, 2021
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"hey who has a piss kink"
by Not Hex Jr. August 30, 2021
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When you're trying to jack off and accidently tangle your tubes in your dick and therefore are stuck with a piss kink.
Guy 1: I've been jacking my meat for an hour wheres the cum?
Guy 2: Oh I think you have a piss kink. You've been touching your dick for too long.
Guy 1: Well shit.
by bigbottledman January 22, 2022
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A kink having to do with pissing yourself, being pissed on, etc during sex.
"Dude, I just read the hottest fanfic abt Dazai pissing himself"
"Oh? You mean a piss kink fanfic?"
by SkankBoy! June 9, 2022
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