it's for stupid kids that think holding in their pee is quirky. if you want bladder problems then continue. if you have a piss kink get help. im almost confident you're a ten year old called Jonathon, or a 49 year old called Gigi.
my friend has a piss kink - me
shut up put her in rice - my other friend
yea i like holding in my pee before actually pissing - my friend with a piss kink
by lamposalite July 22, 2021
Someone who enjoys holding in their piss.
Someone: I have a piss kink!
Person: what’s that?

Someone: I enjoy holding in my piss!
Person: oh. I think I have piss kink too.
Someone: 😏😏
by Pisskink#1 June 24, 2021
The desire to want one's urine in your mouth or on your body. People with a piss kink may want to have you urinate in a bottle and serve it to them as a beverage.
Person A: It’s my piss kink-
I’m sorry
I always bring it up
Forgive me
Person B: It’s ok, I still love you 😌
by Actual_Dilf June 29, 2021
Damn I need to pee right now, said aya

Piss in my mouth ,respond lia

Me too me too , say samira

Piss kink
by Juicypiss May 31, 2021
i headed upstairs as my boyfriend did too. we went straight to my room making out. he stripped of his clothes and then mine. he pushed me on to my bed and slammed on top of me. we were both horny and needy. he fixed himself up right and prepared his cock right outside of my hole. right before he slid in i stopped him." i-i have .." i pause wondering if i should tell him.
"what princess' he asked. that nickname drove me crazy and he knew it.

"I..have a p-piss kink" i covered my face in embarresment.
"oh...thats fine love, how do you want to do this then." he didnt get mad or wierded out. i was happy. before i could say anything he said"wait i have an idea."
uh oh , i wonder what he is going to do. my thoughts were cut short when he slammed his cock into my hole. i moaned so loud my naighbors probably heard but i didnt care it felt so good. he groaned under his breath.
"FUCK!!!YOUR SO TIGHT" he practicly yelled. we both got close to cumming,
"IM GONNA C-CUM!" i screamed. he was too so right before he did he pissed inside of me. i felt the warm juice fill me up as we both moaned as soon as he finished we both came. the mixture of cum and piss leaked out of my pussy. he pulled out and put his face near my crotch. he licked the liquids off my body.
piss kinks are atraction to piss during sexual intercourse i think
by hornybitchyepyouheardme October 15, 2021